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Strategic Partnerships

Members of industry are invited to join us in our commitment to translating science into the clinic. MIND strategically combines its scientific and clinical expertise with the resources of Massachusetts General Hospital, MGH research, and the research and development resources of industry to generate tangible impacts.

Located in the heart of the biotech center of Boston, we can offer our collaborative partners:

  • A vast research enterprise
  • A full range of high tech core facilities
  • A world-class staff of research scientists and clinicians
  • In-house clinical research facilities
  • Access to a variety of intellectual property

Partnerships between industry members and MIND provides benefits to both parties. Industry members get access to the latest healthcare challenges and research. They can work with our clinical and research teams to design and test hypothesis in one of the top research and clinical hospitals in the United States. For MIND researchers, the funding and support provided by industry helps to cover the gaps in funding that often occur during translational research. Researchers also gain access to industry experts who are experienced in developing products and bringing them to market.

To learn more about industry-researcher relationships at MIND, please contact Partners HealthCare Innovation.